ADITYA was established in 2017 by Mr.RANA who was worked in India for 10 years and had bachelors degree in engineering.

At ADITYA, our motto is to promote our student's academic excellence along with Indian values, and shape them into being a responsible global citizens. Our philosophy is founded on the belief that education should be a fun-filled learning applicable to the real world.

At ADITYA, one of our key objectives is to enhance the communication skills of our students. We deeply believe that communication skills, especially in English, is a strong precursor for a prosperous career and it has to be developed at an early stage in the educational career of a child. We have a host of diverse activities such as Debates, Essay writing, Eloquence, JAMs, Group Discussions etc. to enhance the English communication skills of our students at an early stage of our teaching system.

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Yandamuri Jaganatham Sarswati Memorial Educational Trust,
Near Galigopuram Temple,Sanivarapu pet,
Eluru - 534 007,
W.G.Dt., AP